New project planning software and an online service claim to make project management a lot easier, efficient and accessible.

is innovative new project planning software that aims to give you a smarter way to plan projects than with Microsoft Project, but at a fraction of the price.

It comes with a comprehensive set of project management features to create a project plan, manage and schedule tasks, and perform project report and analysis.


  • List all of the tasks needed to deliver your project
  • Create a detailed schedule by linking tasks together
  • Assign resources and notes to tasks
  • Add milestones ands lock tasks


  • Schedule project activities and tasks
  • Schedule people, equipment and materials
  • Send your schedule to your colleagues
  • Print your schedule for meetings
  • Update your schedule with progress

Task Management

  • Build task lists
  • Create task hierarchies
  • Assign resources to your task
  • Link tasks and add notes
  • Prioritize tasks


  • Track your progress each day
  • The percent complete of each task
  • Amount of effort consumed
  • Actual progress against schedule is collaborative service which enables project updates and reporting from wherever you are using an internet connection. Project planning and updating can be handled via or input directly via a web browser.

Tasks can be allocated to project members online, timesheets can be completed and project problem areas highlighted using the dashboard.

The service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis where you only pay for the number of users.

You can try for 14 days