Organisations seek to improve the management of successful projects in the most effective way and look for a 'structured' project approach in order to create success that is repeatable. Generally this structured approach is in the form of a formal project management methodology such as PRINCE2 or PMBoK, but many organisations have either tailored these or created their own project management methodologies based on practicalities.

Whichever project management methodology is chosen the key aspects have to be:

  • It is reapeatable
  • It can be understood by everyone involved in the project
  • It should build on experience gained during a project
  • It should flag project problems as early as possible
  • It should highlight improvements to the project management process

One of the issues in implementing a project management methodology is that the project documentation is generally contained in manuals which are rarely read.

A successful project management methodology should be accessible and lead the project manager through every step of the lifecycle.

An application that automates the management of the project lifecycle and provides guidance along the way is - Method 123 Project Management Methodology.

MPMM sets out the entire Project Life Cycle step-by-step, so that your project team can all use the same project management process for delivering projects.

Included are practical project templates and project delivery examples, and MPMM allows you to create customised project management methodologies - for example when delivering a smaller project you can create a cut-down version of Prince2 to simplify the management of the project.

Project Managers will gain a marked improvement in success using MPMM

Frank Stillo, Director
Project Management Institute

Based on Prince2 and PMBoK, MPMM includes over 1500 tasks, charts, tables and 30 comprehensive project management example case studies to help deliver successful projects through improved process management.

You can see an overview of MPMM project management methodology HERE

MPMM has an impressive customer base including Shell, Siemens, Apple, Smith & Nephew and Sharp as well as smaller organisations.

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