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Each helps to assess whether there is sufficient justification to proceed with the project, establishes a sound management basis for the project and creates a detailed plan for as much of the project as management are in a position to authorise. The management product created by these is the project initiation document, the baseline against which progress and success will be measured.

Business Case

The Business Case describes how to justify the initiation of a project.

Feasibility Study

What is a Feasibility Study?

A Feasibility Study is a document which identifies each of the solution options available and rates the likelihood of each option achieving the desired result. It includes:

Project Charter

The Project Charter (also known as the Terms of Reference) describes the purpose of the project, the way the project will be structured and how it will be successfully implemented. It should include Project Vision, Objectives, Scope, Deliverables, Stakeholders, Roles, Responsibilities and Implementation Plans.

Job Description

The Job Description describes a particular role and responsibilities within the project as well as the skills, experience and qualifications required to undertake the role effectively. Although it has been completed for a Project Management role, you can use this template to write a Job Description for any role within an organisation.

Project Office Checklist

Stage Gate Review Form (Initiation)

The Project Review Form is completed at the end of the Initiation project phase to tell the sponsor whether the project has achieved its objectives to date.
Project Phase reviews are conducted at the end of the Initiation, Planning and Execution phases within a project.