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Altica Load Testing with NeoLoad

NeoLoad is a load and stress testing tool that enables you to run performance load tests on web sites, web servers, and intranet applications.

Building on its strengths in web application stress testing, NeoLoad is the first load and stress testing tool to support new PUSH technologies such as Adobe RTMP, Ajax Push and Java Serialisation.

NeoLoad accelerates the creation and execution of load tests by significantly reducing the amount of load test scripting required. Some load tests can be created without any scripting at all.


Why are load and stress testing so important?

Most performance issues arise only when your web server is stressed with a high user load. NeoLoad enables you to perform load testing to verify how many concurrent visitors your site can serve within your target response times.

For example, an online gaming company needs to know if its website can cope with thousands of users logging on prior to a major sporting event. Using NeoLoad the company can load test this scenario by simulating these users accessing the website and identify where the system and application bottlenecks are.


Load Testing is Just the Start

Running a load and stress test will deliver the test results but these have to be interpreted and shared with system architects and application developers. NeoLoad provides exceptional analysis and reporting of data collected during a load test to help pinpoint performance issues within your system – information that can be shared with your team to remove performance issues.


Ready to Take Load Testing to the Next Level?

Evaluating NeoLoad against your load testing requirements is very easy:

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