The role of interim IT Manager is used by many leading organisations to fill management shortfalls at critical times and drive IT transformation initiatives.

An interim IT manager is a cost-effective way to implement change or retire legacy systems.

Altica can provide an interim IT manager with the right mix of technical expertise and business experience to help you in the following areas:

  • Helpdesk upgrade
  • Legacy system retirement
  • Desktop refresh
  • IT insourcing
  • Merging 2 IT operations


Gap Management

  • Your organisation has lost a senior IT manager, for example through resignation or retirement, and needs someone with the right skills and experience pending the recruitment of a permanent replacement.
  • You need short-term cover for a key manager away for some time due to long-term illness, a sabbatical or maternity leave.
  • You have assigned a manager to a special taskforce or promoted a key executive to a new role and do not have anybody ready to step into their position.
  • You need external assistance in the form of an interim manager in identifying and if necessary developing an internal candidate to assume additional responsibilites

Key Benefits of using Interim Managers

In planned or unplanned circumstances, well-managed businesses increasingly use interim managers to accommodate additional demands on management time or expertise without burdening the organisation with a long-term commitment.

Engaging an Interim Manager from Altica provides you with:

  • A bespoke solution to your needs based on the optimal combination of technical expertise and cultural fit.
  • The effective and timely delivery of agreed objectives , with value often well in excess of the original brief.
  • The transfer of skills and know-how to your existing team.
  • The ultimate organisational flexibility.