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Altica provide a range of services under the banner "IT Performance Improvement".

These include:

Interim Project Manager

When you have to deliver critical projects you need the most experienced project managers available.

You may consider an Altica interim project manager if:

Interim IT Manager

The role of interim IT Manager is used by many leading organisations to fill management shortfalls at critical times and drive IT transformation initiatives.

An interim IT manager is a cost-effective way to implement change or retire legacy systems.

Altica can provide an interim IT manager with the right mix of technical expertise and business experience to help you in the following areas:

  • Helpdesk upgrade
  • Legacy system retirement
  • Desktop refresh
  • IT insourcing
  • Merging 2 IT operations


Load Testing

Web Application Stress Testing - Less Stress More Testing

Altica Load Testing with NeoLoad

NeoLoad is a load and stress testing tool that enables you to run performance load tests on web sites, web servers, and intranet applications.

IT Improvement

We define IT spend is the sum of the 'keeping the lights on' and the 'projects' budgets and help you to focus on this budget in its entirety to bring costs under control and increase IT's impact on the bottom line.

Our experience can help you to:

IT Cost Reduction

An organisation should only spend money on IT which directly supports its business strategy and operational effectiveness and should not spend money on IT which doesn't.

Unfortunately technologies and priorities change over time and inefficiencies develop. The IT function spends too much of its time 'keeping the lights on' with little time dedicated to reviewing how the IT budget is spent.

IT Service Improvement

Organisations expend a lot of resources on servicing internal customers without having the bandwidth or the structure to evaluate alternative approaches to improve these IT services.

The maturity of service delivery varies greatly from company to company but generally the internal service delivery function focuses on business as usual and keeping the customer satisfied.

If you are trying to reduce IT service costs and/or improve user satisfaction, Altica can provide the experience to enable you to transform your service management to a more efficient structure.

Sourcing Management

Infrastructure Strategy

Green IT

Green IT refers to environmentally sustainable computing.

Altica's focus is on reducing the carbon footprint of IT