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How to Reduce the Cost of Delivering your Projects

Project management typically uses technology in 2 areas: project planning and monitoring (eg MS Project) and time management. These can be regarded as process management.

But what about other areas of project management? Perhaps the most important area of all is communication:

MPMM Project Methodology and Process

MPMM is an entire Project Management Methodology for Project Managers. Every phase, activity and task within the Project Life cycle is described in depth, helping you to deliver projects faster and more efficiently than before.

Watch the overview of MPMM then request a free trial:

Cost-effective Project Documentation

Why do so many projects go wrong? Why do project managers repeatedly make the same mistakes?

Acceptance Plan - Project Management Template

The key to a successful project is gaining acceptance from the customer that each deliverable produced meets (or exceeds) his/her requirements. To clarify the criteria used to judge each deliverable for customer acceptance, an is produced.