An organisation should only spend money on IT which directly supports its business strategy and operational effectiveness and should not spend money on IT which doesn't.

Unfortunately technologies and priorities change over time and inefficiencies develop. The IT function spends too much of its time 'keeping the lights on' with little time dedicated to reviewing how the IT budget is spent.

a fresh view can quickly pinpoint disjointed processes

In this scenario, a fresh view can quickly pinpoint disjointed processes, ineffective job functions and wasted support costs.

These are the skills that Altica can deliver.

We begin by understanding the business goals (present and future) and asking the right questions in workshop sessions.

This creates dependencies between IT demands to support the business and IT supply in terms of technology, processes and people.

The result is a model showing how the various IT functions contribute to the bottom line. A gap analysis will show the degree to which areas contribute to the bottom line enabling a range of scenarios to be developed.

From these scenarios a final roadmap will be created which will enable the IT organisation to evolve into an efficient support mechanism.

We believe our approach is superior to a blanket percentage cost-cutting excercise in that costs are reduced in those areas which have little impact on the business but are retained (or even increased) in those areas which have a direct correlation with business performance.

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